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About us

Mills & Spenceley is a truly independent company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we have been in business for over 30 years.

With experience of over 28 years, David has been providing quality financial services and advice to people, businesses, charities and trusts.

We have a wealth of experience and are proud of our Independent status, which means we scour all providers for the most suitable company and product.

We employ external systems for research, training and technical support to enable us to meet the requirements of our clients and their other professional advisers. We act exclusively for our clients and hold their interests first. We work with product providers, banks, stock brokers, fund managers and others, but only on behalf of our clients.

Independent financial advice is very often a necessary element of a solicitor’s or accountant’s service to their clients. Mills & Spenceley have been providing this to local firms for many years and have a number of trusted solicitors, mortgage brokers and accountants that trust us to look after their clients’ investment and protection needs.

We are committed to providing independent financial services across our local community and not just to a narrow range of individuals. Not everyone will want or need the same level of service and we accommodate differing requirements within our service levels.

Full holistic advice – serving the local community continuously since 1987.

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Tel: 01132 930306

Halton District Centre, 265 Selby Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 7JR